MAYA Convertible Backpack
MAYA Convertible Backpack
MAYA Convertible Backpack
MAYA Convertible Backpack
MAYA Convertible Backpack
MAYA Convertible Backpack

MAYA Convertible Backpack

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Meet Ix Chel. 

Ix Chel is the Mayan goddess who helped women. She wants you to have the MAYA bag.  (Images by Timbuk)


As women, we carry a lot on our shoulders… it’s the lives we juggle, the success we strive for, the struggles we overcome. It's a testament to our strength, our capabilities and our resilience.

And by women, we mean anyone who identifies with being a woman – we prefer the term DIOSA which means Goddess in Spanish.

Inspired by Ix Chel, we want to unburden you. We created the MAYA Convertible Backpack to do just that.

MAYA is more than a backpack, she's your secret weapon that turns you into wonder woman.

Or at least that's how we feel when we don this beauty. 

[This video would be about the backpack using the same type of language as in this description.]

The Look of MAYA

We styled the MAYA after the professional woman and included a bit of Guatemalan flare as a nod to the women weavers who hold up the Mayan culture. When you purchase this bag you'll be contributing to the livelihood of real-life Guatemalan DIOSAs. 

Made of luxurious certified vegan leather (which we like to call DIOSA leather), MAYA can carry your laptop, water bottles, keys, wallets, purses, and extra clothes – plus charge your phone! All while maintaining your professional, goddess-like image.  

MAYA's Super Powers

Not just a backpack, MAYA can also be a sleek briefcase by tucking the straps away. You can carry her with a grab n’ go handle or use the shoulder strap to travel messenger style.  

We designed pockets, compartments, and features to make sure MAYA is the perfect bag for professional women. You’ll be able to comfortably carry your laptop, water bottle, keys, passports, and even charge your phone. We’ve included a detachable satchel that can be used as a clutch, purse, or toiletry bag. 

MAYA & Your Body  

Scratch what you’ve been told all these years: beauty is not pain. Designed with women's shoulders and backs in mind, MAYA works with your body, not against it. 

This means more proportionately placed straps, optimizing weight distribution, and dimensions shaped for DIOSAs. MAYA not only looks good, but feels good as well.

MAYA Gives-Back

When you bring MAYA into your life, you empower DIOSAs in many ways. Here are a few things we do on your behalf whenever you purchase from our shop:

  1. Inspire confidence in women through our cleverly designed products.
  2. Hire weavers from Women Empowerment Centres in Guatemala to help create products.
  3. Donate funds to Women Empowerment Centres in Guatemala.

MAYA's Specs

  • Exterior made with lightweight, durable, and water resistant vegan leather.
  • 3 compartments to provide storage with easy access.
  • 3rd compartment lays flat for access to laptop and cords.
  • Mesh zippered pockets in each compartment.
  • Ergonomic non-slip straps built for women.
  • Easy grab n go top and side handles.
  • Detachable cross-body strap. 
  • Slip on strap for carry on handle.
  • Pockets for strap storage.
  • Expandable magnetic water bottle side pocket.
  • USB charging port.
  • Retractable lighted key leash + safety alarm.
  • Specialty pockets for phone, tablets, computers, passport.
  • Detachable small bag which can be used with or without cross-body strap.
  • Durable easy to clean lining.
  • Coin purse and detachable wristlet strap with key chain.
  • Drawstring bag for shoes or dirty laundry. 
  • Easy access invisible pockets.
  • Ergonomic strap pocket.
  • Reflective stitching for safety and visibility in low-light.