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Our Story


We make products to help women
unlock their inner goddess &
contribute to a global community
of empowered women.


Our problem was simple: most women’s bags suck.
DIOSA was founded on a love for women and our amazement in all that we do every day. So why don’t we have bags that empower us to reach our potential?

Our solution?
Meet Maya. Designed for you and the life that you live. Meeting at the intersection of fashion and functionality, she’s been meticulously crafted to help you conquer your day, in style. As your newest sidekick, she’ll help you carry the small (and not so small) stuff. So you can get back to taking names and kicking butt like we know you do.

A bag that can hold all the things.

You know the stuff:

Laptop, documents, smartphone, water bottle AND coffee travel mug... perhaps a change of clothes, shoes or even a yoga mat. This unicorn backpack did not exist.

The problem.

Every backpack we found was either boxy and masculine, insultingly small or completely lacking in professionalism and all of them were simply not built for a woman’s body.

Designed by women, for women.

We interviewed over 200 women who seemed to echo our concerns. Through focus groups, surveys, research, and discussions, a detailed concept was created for the backpack that launched DIOSA.

For the love of Guatemala.

Did you know that “diosa” is Spanish for “goddess”?

Kim, head goddess and founder, fell in love with Guatemala years ago – the culture, the people, the food, the colours!

Read more about our Guatemalan connection in Our Journal.

1% for Women

Inspired by Guatemalan women.

Kim's journey to learn more about these amazing women took her to the remote communities around Lake Atitlan. Mayan women are often the sole provider of income for their families. These powerful women inspired Kim so much, and provided her with an insight to a world of women empowerment that she had never known about.

Kim saw first-hand that when you support women weavers in Guatemala, they in turn can support their families while also restoring their age-old cultural practices.

This inspired the idea that DIOSA would give back to women, not just in Guatemala but all around the world.

We call it 1% for women.

1% for the Planet

Caring for the planet and all the goddesses on it.

Supporting women is at the heart of DIOSA. This not only means supporting their economic development, but also caring for our beautiful Earth.

We aim to use as many recycled and earth-friendly materials as possible, and will continue to work towards improving our footprint as the company grows.

Our goal is to use authenticity, transparency, and strong ethics in our decision-making process. We not only design our products this way, this is also how our team conducts their personal lives.

We have become a member of 1% for the Planet and aspire to become a B Corporation.


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