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Our Story

Who we are.

We contribute to a global community of empowered women. 

We design products that positively impact the lives of women, so they feel like the goddesses that they are in their daily lives.

We support  women-focused initiatives around the world.

We are DIOSA.

The need for a professional women's backpack.

DIOSA designs inc. sprung from the frustration of not being able to find that perfect bag – something comfortable and practical while also not completely embarrassing to bring into a board meeting. Something that not only serves functionality, but serious style too. A bag that can  hold all those things that a professional woman juggles on a daily basis. You know the stuff: a laptop, documents, a smartphone, water bottle AND a coffee travel mug,perhaps a change of clothes,shoes or even a yoga mat.This unicorn backpack did not exist. Every backpack was either boxy and masculine, insultingly small or completely lacking in professionalism and all of them were simply not built for a woman’s body.

We interviewed over 200 women who all  seemed to echo our concerns  and constant struggle in finding the perfect bag. Through focus groups, surveys, research, and discussions, a detailed concept was created for the backpack that launched DIOSA designs inc.

Inspired by Guatemalan women.

Kim, our visionary and CEO, wanted to do more than just create a backpack. She was inspired by the women she met in Guatemala over the 8 plus years that she has been visiting their beautiful country. Kim saw first-hand that when you support women weavers in Guatemala, they in turn can support their families while also restoring their age-old cultural practices. More often than not, indigenous women are the breadwinners in the family because of their skill.

Kim was inspired to incorporate Mayan weaving into DIOSA products as a way of supporting these strong, incredible women. She has partnered with Cojolya Association of Maya Women Weavers, an empowerment  centrethat provides a way out of the poverty cycle by giving women a space to hone their craft and their entrepreneurship skills.  Through this work, she has woven a social conscience into DIOSA that has  deeply embedded itself in our culture- a culture not often seen in corporations. 

Caring for the Earth and all the goddesses on it. 

Supporting women is at the heart of DIOSA.his  not only means supporting their economic development, but also caring for our beautiful Earth. We aim to use as many recycled and earth-friendly materials as possible, and will continue to work towards improving our footprint as the company grows. Our goal is to use authenticity, transparency and strong ethics in our decision-making process; hopefully proving ourselves as a brand to be trusted. This is how we design our products, and how we, the team at DIOSA, conduct ourselves personally.