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FAQs: Maya Backpack

Q. When will my bag be delivered?

We're expecting the bags by Spring 2021. The bags have been ordered but due to COVID-19 plus combined with our attention to details, there have been some delays. We will keep you updated on the status of production and expected delivery date as we move forward. 

Q. Is there a water bottle holder? 

Yes, there is a pocket built inside especially for your water bottle! 

Q. How does the usb port charge your phone?

Your favourite battery pack and charger will slip right into the bag. The interior pocket was designed for the DIOSA Nimble battery charger (sold separately) that is made of plant-based and recycled materials.  

Q. How can the Maya turn into a crossbody bag or briefcase? 

To carry Maya as a crossbody bag, take the strap from the detachable clutch bag and attach it to the rings on the side of the bag. To carry briefcase style, simply take by the grab-and-go handle at the top of the bag. The backpack straps can be tucked away for a slick and stylish carry.

Q. How does Maya help women?

Here are a few examples of things we do on your behalf whenever you purchase from our shop:

  1. Give 1% to women's organizations such as empowerment centres in Guatemala.
  2. Hire weavers from Women Empowerment Centres in Guatemala to help create products.
  3. Inspire confidence in women through our stylish, functional products.

Plus you're supporting a woman entrepreneur.

We’ll continue to share details on how this movement is unfolding through our social media and website. 

Q. What is the Maya bag made out of? 

The outer shell is vegan leather and the lining is fabric made from recycled water bottles.

Q. Does the battery pack come with the bag? 

The DIOSA Nimble battery charger is sold separately and is made of plant-based and recycled materials.  

Q. How many litres is the bag? 

28L, just the right size to carry your things. 

Q. What size laptop can it carry?

Maya carries up to a 15” laptop in her built-in laptop sleeve. 

Q. How is the bag ergonomic?

Anthropometrics body measurement was taken by an Occupational Therapist to determine the average width of a female back in order to design the strap that distributes the weight across the back. We looked at shoulder breadth and considered all different body shapes and bone structures. Maya was created with combined good ergonomic design input. The adjustable straps is key to custom fitting the bag to any body shape.

Ergonomic top handles allow for a correct neural spine squat when picking up the bag and less effort and distance to lift the bag than a typical briefcase style. 

Q. What are you doing to ensure COVID-19 safety?

Our team works remotely so we’re able to continue working in our own safe environment. Anytime a product is handled, we ensure the environment is sanitary and gloves and masks are worn. 

Q. Will COVID-19 affect my order?

We are experiencing delays from both the manufacturing and shipping of Maya and will keep you informed of any updates.