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Ethical Advertising Policy

DIOSA is committed to being “for good”. We’ve taken our goal of being an ethical force in the fashion industry and embedded it into all aspects of our marketing efforts. We understand that the current overflow of constant media can be overwhelming to most consumers, and we don’t wish to contribute to that culture. Instead, we’re focused on becoming a trusted brand amongst our community, through proving our commitment to ethical marketing practices.   

Such practices include:

  1. Truthful messaging. The current state of the advertising world has created a widespread distrust amongst the average consumer, and for good reason. We grasp the importance of consistently being honest and transparent with our communication. With this comes a responsibility to avoid any exaggerated, misleading, or unverified information being distributed from the DIOSA brand.
  2. Diverse & inclusive. Ensure our advertising/promotions are as diverse and inclusive as our DIOSA community! No airbrushing, no photoshop, no stereotypes, just authentically us.
  3. Promoting change. With our growing online reach, we have the opportunity to use our strong voice to promote change. Our values as a company are strongly rooted within social and environmental consciousness; it’s only right that our marketing efforts proudly display these ideals and hopefully become the inspiration for others.
  4. Ethical management of data. We vow to never mismanage or abuse the data that we’ve received from our consumers.
  5. Compassion. DIOSA is a company created and run by people who genuinely care about our impact on anyone receiving our advertising or communications. We know the detrimental effect that unethical/misrepresentative advertising can have on consumers. That’s why we promise to thoroughly inspect any piece that we publish to ensure we’re truly making the positive impact that we aim for – and take to heart any criticisms, suggestions, or feedback we receive from you.

Please reach out to us if you ever have feedback about our brand, messaging, or advertising practices. 

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DM on social media: @diosadesignsinc
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