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Caring for the Maya Backpack

Maya's Vegan Leather 

Vegan leather bags can last a long time if you look after them properly.
To give your beautiful faux leather bag longevity, we recommend giving it a little break every now and then – rotate your handbags instead of using the same one every day.
Be mindful of the weight you carry. Putting a handbag under constant weigh pressure can lead to damage. For example, avoid overloading your bag with heavier items on a daily basis.


Vegan leather is very simple to clean: mix water with a small amount of mild dish soap or laundry detergent (harsh detergents will cause drying).
Use a microfibre cloth or other non-abrasive cloth and test the mixture on a small portion of Maya's vegan leather. Consider a test spot on the back of the bag so if it discolours, it won't be visible when wearing Maya. Make sure there’s no discolouration before applying the mixture to the rest of the bag. 

If the test spot looks good, go ahead and gently wash the rest of Maya. If there is a stain that isn’t coming out, or is deep-set, try using a mixture of water with a small amount of vinegar instead. In addition to being safe for use on synthetic leather, vinegar is helps you get rid of odours naturally.

Follow up by drying it off with a soft, clean cloth. Let Maya dry completely. If you put the bag away before it is dry, you could end up with mould and bacteria growth on the surface.

Cleaning Maya's Lining

We put a lot of things in our bags that make the inside dirty. Organize your make-up in a pouch to prevent spills or stains. Only carry pens with caps. Clean out your bag regularly, who knows what you left in there a couple days ago!
Spot clean your lining, as needed, using a cloth with mild dish soap and water. 

Prevent Cracking

Vegan leather is prone to cracking without proper care. To keep Maya free of cracks, you’ll need to minimize exposure to sunlight. Leaving your handbag inside your car in the sun, for example, can cause damage.


Proper storage is essential for Maya to last as long as possible. Store her either upright or laying flat, don't hang her by her straps. 
DO protect your purse from dust and grime using the protector bag she came in, or even a pillowcase!
DON’T store vegan leather products in plastic bags. Not only can plastic bags trap moisture, leading to mould or mildew on your handbag, but plastic can become stuck to the vegan leather and ruin it.
DO fill your vegan leather bags with tissue paper, pillows or other fabrics to help them maintain their shape.
DON’T stack vegan leather items on top of each other. This can lead to crushing, or scratches from hardware like zipper pulls.

We hope you and Maya remain BFFs for ages to come.  



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