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Why Mini Backpacks Are Better Than Purses

Posted by Katie Thompson on
Why Mini Backpacks Are Better Than Purses

The mini backpack is making a comeback. And it's about time, because the mini backpack is way more practical than purses – and just as stylish. If you’re a purse person, it might seem like a bold move to switch over to mini backpacks. But hear me out: there are plenty of reasons why you should! 

Here's why a mini backpack makes more sense.

Mini backpacks are better for your back, they're better for your shoulders and they're better for all the things you carry.

Mini backpacks are more comfortable than purses.

Carrying your purse on one shoulder is a quick way to bring on back and shoulder pain. Even if it's not heavy, you're still putting pressure on one side of your body and creating tension in your muscles. This can lead to serious issues down the road, so why not just carry everything equally?

Mini backpacks distribute weight evenly across the body and on both sides of the spine, which helps prevent back pain and injury. Like our Mini Maya, the load is spread more evenly across your shoulder and upper body muscles, instead of putting all the pressure on just one spot (like with a purse strap).

The result is less strain on any one spot – and in turn less pain for your back and shoulders. 

Plus carrying a mini backpack gives you the added benefit of using both shoulders when walking up hills or stairs; the weight will help propel you forward instead of slowing down progress as much as it would with only one hand holding onto something else like an oversized purse handle.

You'll also be able to carry much more weight, which means you won't have to switch bags when one gets too heavy or full. This can make all the difference when it's time for a little shopping spree.

Go hands-free!

With a mini backpack, you can free up your hands to do other things than carry your purse. Carry your latte in one hand, keys in the other, and all your other goodies are safely stored in your mini backpack. 

Carrying an umbrella on a rainy day is much easier if you have a mini backpack rather than a purse, plus you can eat and drink as you walk – or even hold your phone for easy access. 

Mini backpacks have dedicated storage compartments so it’s easy to find exactly what you need. No more rooting through an oversized purse looking for keys or lip balm or whatever else falls out when we dig through our bags – searching desperately for something small enough not to matter yet important enough we feel compelled to locate immediately.

Being hands-free is great for your daily commute or traveling abroad this summer—whether by foot or bike. 

Bonus: A mini backpack is harder to lose than a purse because it will be on your back most of the time.  

The mini backpack is making a comeback and you can use it for almost anything!

Mini backpacks are more comfortable than purses. If you have to carry something heavy in your purse, it will be much more uncomfortable than if the same thing was in a mini backpack.

Mini backpacks are more versatile than purses (and hands-free!). 

A mini backpack is great for school, work, or travel because it has designated spaces for things like notebooks and pens – but even if those aren't what's inside yours right now, there's always room for whatever you need!

Plus, there are so many different styles and colours available today, like our Mini Maya leather mini backpack, that there’s sure to be something for everyone. 

So if you never considered a backpack as a purse before, hopefully this will give you some reasons to switch. 


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