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We Need to Get Something Off Our Chests

Posted by Katie Thompson on
We Need to Get Something Off Our Chests

Did you know that 1 in 8 Canadian women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime? That is a startling fact that inspired us to find a way to support women battling this terrible disease. 

At DIOSA, it’s our mission to lighten the load for women and the planet, and as a team we have all loved women who have been affected by breast cancer.

“In May 2020 I began a beautiful relationship with a Woman through the business world. She became my mentor and dear friend. She started chemo about the time COVID hit and showed up weekly to our Zoom meetings in between appointments, medication, naps and nausea…and COVID! She sported her beautiful hairless style, with eyes and lips perfectly gorgeous using the latest make-up trendy colours. Wow and wow is all I can say about her determination to carry on her promise to me to be my Business mentor. But she became my favourite woman in the world. Not only did she selflessly put me first she gave the BEST advice….to me personally and in business. She is Breast Cancer free now, and has taken a new perspective on her life…and is going for it!”


At one of our remote “DIOSA Happy Hours”  (informal team sessions where we discuss many things, especially ways we can empower women and help our planet), our team discussed the trend of women wearing their crossbody bags tight to their boobs rather than in the curve of their waist or at their hips. Our designer also likes to wear her sling pack that way and jokingly called it her “boob bag”. We thought to ourselves “this could be our next bag!”. Plus we wanted a bag that can be converted to a bum-bag (fanny pack, belt bag… whatever you want to call it!).

And this is how ideas are born, here at DIOSA.  

Introducing: The Boob Bag, The little bag with BIG heart.

Text in a cute font: "the boob bag." beside photos of a woman wearing the bag crossbody style and around the waist. There is also an image of the bag with the strap positioned in a circle.

Some people call it a bum bag but we prefer to call it a Boob Bag for a few reasons—it fits comfily across your chest and most importantly, we’re launching this crossbody bag to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For all of October, $5 for each bag sold will go to the Canadian Cancer Society  to help support women with breast cancer and fund lifesaving research.

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) works to support the 1 in 8 women expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime by helping people live longer and enhancing their quality of life.

CCS does this by:

  • Taking an ambitious approach to funding groundbreaking breast cancer research to help save lives. 
  • Enabling a compassionate national support system that offers tailored support services by phone, Live Chat and email in English and French, and in more than 150 languages through an interpreter.
  • Providing breast accessories to people going through breast cancer treatment.   
  • Answering inquiries about breast cancer.
  • Working with government to influence healthy public policies and shape a healthier society 

Because of investments in breast cancer research, 89% of women will survive at least five years or more after a breast cancer diagnosis.   

You can donate directly to the to the Canadian Cancer Society or add a donation at checkout when you purchase any of our products – and of course $5 from every Boob Bag sold will be donated to CCS. 

One Percent for Women logo beside a photo of two women dressed in black holding pink ribbons.

Throughout the year, 1% of sales goes to our “One Percent for Women” mission, which includes organizations that support women with breast cancer and fund breast cancer research.

Empowering women is a value embedded in DIOSA designs. “DIOSA” literally means Goddess – it’s integral to what we do and a vital part of being a “business for good”.

We believe that investing in women and girls not only advances gender equality, but also creates the systemic change needed for sustainable economic development and poverty reduction.

Inspired by the 1% for the Planet movement, we created another commitment that we call: One Percent For Women. We give 1% of annual sales or employee hours to organizations that empower women.

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