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Top 5 Reasons to Carry a Backpack While Traveling

Posted by Katie Thompson on
Top 5 Reasons to Carry a Backpack While Traveling

Picture this! You’ve just booked your first vacation post-COVID and you couldn’t be more excited. Until you look at your packing list. 

Fitting everything in for a trip can be a huge hassle, especially if you want to avoid checked baggage. Backpacks have always been a great staple for traveling but why should you opt for a backpack over other bags?

Backpacks have many benefits over purses, totes, or any other bag when traveling – here are the top five reasons we prefer to carry one on vacation:

1. You can avoid checking luggage at the airport.

A backpack is a great way to avoid checking luggage altogether. Many airlines allow you to take a smaller bag on board the plane with you, so if you’re packing light and don’t want to wait around in the baggage claim carousel after your flight lands, consider taking your backpack on-board with you.

A backpack also has many other benefits:

  • It can fit under the seat in front of you on an airplane. If there isn't enough room in the overhead bin on an airplane, a backpack can easily fit under the seat without taking up too much room (especially if there are two people sitting next to each other). This allows for more leg room and increased comfort during long flights! 
  • You'll have easy access to all your essentials throughout the day; just unzip one side at a time until everything's visible inside without needing anything more than what's already been packed inside beforehand!

2. Better for your body.

Backpacks distribute weight evenly across the body and on both sides of the spine, which helps prevent back pain and injury.

“ ‘Maya Mini’ backpack 🎒 by @diosadesignsinc has been the perfect go-to bag for all of my work, travel and day to day essentials.” ~@emeliesavard

A backpack's straps are designed to distribute its load across your shoulder and upper body muscles instead of putting all the pressure on just one spot (like with a purse strap). 

Carrying your purse or laptop bag on one shoulder is a quick way to bring on back and shoulder pain. Even if it's not heavy, you're still putting pressure on one side of your body and creating tension in your muscles. This can lead to serious issues down the road, so why not just carry everything equally?

With a backpack, you get an even distribution of weight. And because most bags have padded straps that wrap around both shoulders, like our Maya Backpack, they distribute their load more evenly than purses do. The result is less strain on any one spot—and in turn less pain for your body overall. 

3. Convenient

Backpacks have dedicated storage compartments so it’s easy to find exactly what you need. No more rooting through an oversized purse looking for keys or lip balm or whatever else falls out when we dig through our bags – searching desperately for something small enough not to matter yet important enough we feel compelled to locate immediately.

“Not only does it double as a diaper bag but it fits all the kids extra snacks, clothes, diapers & more the best part is I can even charge my phone in it.” ~@reneenicole3 

Carried basically everything we need in my New Maya Backpack from @diosadesignsinc.” ~@thismamaloveslife 

Plus carrying a backpack gives you the added benefit of using both shoulders when walking up hills or stairs; the weight will help propel you forward instead of slowing down progress as much as it would with only one hand holding onto something else like an oversized purse handle.

You'll be able to carry much more weight, which means you won't have to switch bags when one gets too heavy or full. This can make all the difference when it's time for a little shopping spree.

4. You won't have to change bags at the office.

If you're one of those people who is always changing your bag depending on where you are, then a backpack is for you. When you go from work mode to casual mode; there's no need to put on another bag if you have the right one to do both jobs just fine!

Our Maya Backpack is like a desk-in-a bag. As more and more people have chosen the option of ‘hybrid work’, both working in the office and at home, it makes sense to have a backpack to hold everything you need to get to and from work.

Maya holds up to a 15" inch laptop as well as a dedicated pocket for a tablet. You can also safely fit a legal document in the back compartment and rest assured that it will remain nice and snug against your back. 

    5. You'll get more use out of it.

    When you’re looking at backpacks and purses, you want to consider how many different situations the bag will be used in. Backpacks are versatile enough that they can be used to carry all kinds of things, including school supplies, work items, gym clothes, groceries and more.

    In fact, backpacks have become such a popular choice for everyday use that there are even designer options available if you don't want to sacrifice style for functionality or vice versa. This is a great option since it means you'll get more use out of your backpack instead of having to buy multiple bags!

      So as you can see, backpacks make really great travel companions. Not only do they offer the convenience of helping you stay organized and access your important items quickly, but they also support your back! 

      Plus, there are so many different styles available today—like our Maya Mini leather backpack and Maya Travel Backpack — that there’s sure to be something for everyone. 

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