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The rise of backpacks for women.

Posted by Kim Hickman on
The rise of backpacks for women. | DIOSA designs Inc.

Ah, the struggle.

You probably know the one. That ritualistic preparation for your daily routine, dividing your belongings for the day into appropriate bags, none of which are a stylish backpack for women. The team at DIOSA calls this our “daily carry”.  

A typical day might look like this:

1) One frumpy bag professional enough for work. 
Christina from our marketing team felt the struggle when trying to stuff her hectic life into one little tote bag.

2) A larger blah-bag for your gym stuff.
3) And another hideously tiny purse to carry your phone, wallet and all other miscellaneous items we just need to have on hand (gum, anyone?... how about a lotto stub from 3 years ago?). 

Then, stuff them in your car or vice-grip all of them while trying to stand upright on the subway.  

For whatever reason, women seemed to have grown accustomed to the struggle of ‘one bag fits one activity and one activity only’. We’ve become master jugglers of all else in our lives, why not throw in the art of juggling our daily items?

Well, a few of us have decided we’re over it.  And, as it turns out, we’re not alone. At the beginning of this venture, the team over at DIOSA took to the world to see if other women were as fed up as us; unsurprisingly, they were.

A couple of focus groups gave DIOSA the opportunity to speak with women one-on-one about their dream bag and a few key qualities were repeatedly mentioned: versatility, functionality and professionality. It’s truly baffling how many women stress over not owning a bag they feel is suitable for their workplace; purses are too small, typical backpacks for women are too juvenile, tote bags are too casual and most briefcases aren’t designed with women in mind. Why should it be so hard to find a bag that provides for a woman’s all day, every day. 

Thus, Kim Hickman developed the idea of the ultimate women’s backpack, and a little research dug up some pretty interesting results. In fact, as of 2019, sales of backpacks for women were up by 28% just in the past year, while women’s handbags were actually in a decline. Numerous articles such as this one, or this one…or this one all emphasize a change in tides; women are sick of the unrealistic, aesthetics-focused bags they had been condemned to fitting their lives into. Now, they’re demanding to take back their day with bags offering actual functionality.

The problem is, many of the backpacks for women now entering the scene are falling back into old habits; their designs have become victim to the dysfunctional structure so many of us are trying to avoid. I mean, my own backpack right now can’t even fit my laptop! While many companies are taking advantage of this new trend, we feel they’re still missing the mark just a little.

Enter: DIOSA.  

With straps approved by an occupational therapist for full ergonomic comfortability, commute to work in style then tuck away the straps and carry your now-briefcase into the boardroom. Unclip your makeup bag and freshen up for drinks with the girls or take those sneakers out of our dry-bag and get your heart pumping. Designed with  “minimalistic-chic” in mind, this bag has a place for everything and can follow you anywhere. Scratch that, it’s designed with you in mind. 

So, strut into that presentation you’re giving, feel organized at the airport, be confident that you are prepared for what your day holds; whatever it may be, know that DIOSA has your back (literally).

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