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Supporting Women Across the Globe

Posted by Katie Thompson on
Supporting Women Across the Globe | DIOSA designs Inc.

1% for women and 1% for the planet - that is DIOSA designs mandate when giving back. Both of these causes has helped craft DIOSA designs and our first collection: Maya

DIOSA designs believe in empowering women across the globe through skills and knowledge that will help them become self-sufficient to provide for their families. 

Our journey starts in Guatemala, as founders, Kim & Katie, were inspired by the ancient Mayan craft of weaving and embroidery. This craft is passed along the maternal line from mothers to daughters, sisters to aunts, grandmothers to granddaughters. Weaving provides supplementary income for families, although in times of economic hardship most women become the breadwinners. 


DIOSA X Cojolya 

Earlier this year DIOSA teamed up with Cojolya, an empowerment centre located in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala. The centre employs traditional weavers and helps them perfect their craft while teaching entrepreneurial skills to help support their families through their business.

Cojolya aims to preserve the backstrap loom weaving technique as it is a key art form for the Mayan people. The centre provides high quality work through the artisans while also giving them to chance to sell their wares.

The DIOSA X Cojolya collection is a celebration of female empowerment across the globe. These pieces are handwoven with love and care to help carry you throughout your day. 


DIOSA X Cojolya Handwoven Clutch

Support women globally with the purchase of this woven clutch! A perfect go-to clutch that fastens easily with a vegan leather strap.

Made by artisans in Guatemala so you're directly supporting a woman and her family with the purchase of a clutch. Each piece is carefully crafted and made with exquisite materials to carry you throughout your day.

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DIOSA X Cojolya Handwoven Pouch

This handwoven pouch perfectly fits all of your small necessities without taking up too much room in your purse or backpack.

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DIOSA Handwoven Bracelet

We purchased these bracelets directly from Guatemalan families and are donating $10/bracelet to initiatives that support the advancement of women and girls. 

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Compared to North America, a family of 4 in Guatemala can eat healthily for as little as $100 a month. Guatemala, like many other countries in the world, has been hit hard by the COVID-19 virus and do not have the support from government to take care of their families. By purchasing these handwoven products you are helping families provide for their families in these very difficult times. 

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