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Staycation or vacation – what's in your bag?

Posted by Katie Thompson on
Staycation or vacation – what's in your bag? | DIOSA designs Inc.

Whether you’re having the best staycation summer ever or finally adventuring out a little further, we want to see what you're packing.

Our next few journal entries will be all about what we carry in our Maya bags, plus we want to feature what’s in YOUR Maya. Tag us on social @diosadesignsinc to let us know what’s in your bag. 

What's in my bag? 

I’m Christina, the head of eCommerce for DIOSA and I’m having a picnic with Maya. I’m packing “Parisian style” with a bottle of red, a baguette, some charcuterie, fresh local cherries, and a pastry from my local bakery. 

Bike picnic with Maya. The backpack that holds everything.

There’s enough room in the main compartment for my picnic blanket, bottle of wine (in the convenient bottle holder), and all my scrumptious munchies. There are so many pockets to keep my cutting board, pocket knife, compostable plates and cutlery, and little tea cups to sip wine from. The baguette peeking out the top.


There’s even space for my laptop, if I want to have a work-picnic! But that’s not happening today. 

Maya carries me on my staycation. 

Feeling a little more adventurous?

Perhaps now that the pandemic restrictions are lifting, you’re heading somewhere less local!

Here are some ideas on what to carry in your Maya when traveling a little further...


As life gets a little more adventurous, Maya has your back. What will you find inside? 

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