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Our team has been adopting a Hygge lifestyle these days.

Posted by Katie Thompson on
Our team has been adopting a Hygge lifestyle these days. | DIOSA designs Inc.

What is a Hygge lifestyle, you ask?

We all know that feeling of being curled up in your favourite armchair, stress-free and completely in the present moment. Sure, it’s cozy, but that’s not quite the right word to capture just how pleasant it is. When these moments do happen (sometimes not as often as we’d like), the feeling we get is almost inexplicable, as if there’s no correct term in the English language for it. Well, turns out there isn’t, but there is one in Danish: Hygge (pronounced hue-guh, or hoo-gah? The juries out on this one – Danish friends please enlighten us!). Hygge is defined as “a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.”

A woman enjoying the Hygge lifestyle with a book in front of the fire, wearing an Oh My Goddess t-shirt by DIOSA.

That’s why the team at DIOSA has declared it the season of hygge.

And as it turns out, bringing hygge into your life is a lot easier than is to pronounce the word itself. There’s a few tried and true methods of bringing some contentment into your life, so use this blog as your “cozy directory”.

1. Candles.

Okay this is an obvious one, but the ambiance that a few candles brings to a space is unmatched. Light a few up and scatter them around wherever you’ll be spending time.

If you want to take this a step further and have a little fun with it, make your own! It’s surprisingly easy – all you need is a jar, some wax (beeswax is our fave), some wicks, a few essential oils and voila! You’ve got homemade coziness in a jar.

Check out these easy steps if you’d like to give it a go. 

Close up of a pair of hands rolling a beeswax candle.

 2. Good food.

Admittedly this works to lift spirits all year round, but winter hygge centers around food that gives you those warm fuzzies in your belly. Meals bring people together, and can easily counteract any effects of the chilly weather outside your window. If you’re not comfortable in the kitchen yet, now is the perfect time to start! Get in there and get in touch with your inner chef.

For hygge-lig (hygge like) meals, more hearty, nourishing meals such as stews, soups or pastas are key.

Speaking of pastas… have you tried the new baked feta pasta trend we’re seeing everywhere? It’s pretty much as easy as recipes come and is guaranteed to bring that cozy nourishing feeling we’re going for.

3. Make a space yours.

Hygge feels different to everyone so take some creative liberties here. The Danish like a clean space with a minimalistic coziness but if you're a clutter-bug, no worries – choose a space to be yours alone and fill it with objects that only bring you comfort. In the words of Marie Kondo, ask yourself “does this spark joy?” when considering items for your space.

Grab your favourite blanket, a few good books, a cup of tea, some art that brings you happiness and a couple of the aforementioned candles- boom. A little slice of heaven in your own home. Check out this blog for more tips to making your space hygge-lig. 

4. Spend some "off-line" time with members of your bubble.

We get it, many of us have been cooped up with the same people for quite a while, and sometimes all you want to do is scroll through your phone for a few hours as a mental getaway. But try to take some time to shut any electronics off and go back to the basics. Play some good ol’ board games or whip out your deck of cards. You’ll be surprised by how mentally refreshing it feels to disconnect from the craziness of the outside world and spend some time with the present. Trust us, it’ll give you all the wholesomeness you’re missing.


5. Dress the part. Hygge starts with you!

The key to feeling the coziness, is literally feeling it. Dress in clothes that keep you warm and more importantly, comfortable. Big knit socks, some sweats, a cozy tee with a cardigan, done. Feeling good has never been this easy.

Our amazingly comfy line of bamboo tees made are the perfect flowy-fit to get the job done here. #shamelessselfpromotion

DIOSAs living their best hygge life. Jade in an armchair with the DIOSA flow tee. Kim with her dog wearing the DIOSA for Good t-shirt. Katie snowshoeing wearing the DIOSA for Good mask.
Browse Tees & Masks

6. Pick up a new hobby.

Go old school with this one. Try to choose an activity that doesn’t involve your T.V., iPad, or basically anything that requires electricity to work. Pick up that book you’ve been thinking of reading for months now, or learn how to knit a little hat for your cat. It really doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it gets you to spend some time alone, disconnected and stimulates your mind.

Here’s a list of fun hobbies to get the creative wheels turning:


Lastly, and most importantly, stay safe.

You can’t truly enjoy hygge without good health. Make sure you’re taking your vitamins (focus on Vit D if you’re feeling the effects of these clouded winter days), stay hydrated and wear your origami mask. 

This image tells a story in 3 parts: 1. Putting on a DIOSA 3D origami-inspired breathable mask. 2. Going outside for snowy adventures. 3. Warming up and drying the mask in front of a wood stove.


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