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Maker Spotlight: Elizabeth Burry Designs

Posted by Katie Thompson on
Maker Spotlight: Elizabeth Burry Designs | DIOSA designs Inc.

Welcome to our Maker Spotlight Series! 

At DIOSA designs, we believe in partnering with like-minded businesses to not only bring amazing products to our brand but also to support makers both locally and abroad. 
We start our series with Elizabeth Burry Designs. Elizabeth is a local jewelry designer based in Trinity, NL, Canada. She creates unique hand-crafted jewelry for everyone. Elizabeth created our beautiful DIOSA pendant. We chatted with Elizabeth to ask what inspires her work and why she aims to support women through her business.
Woman holding a black silicone rope necklace with a DIOSA charm.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business

I began designing & crafting jewelry in 2003. As a visual artist my love of colour & form flowed easily into my jewelry. As a self-taught jewelry artist my knowledge and skills of my craft grew over the years. Five years after I opened a St. Johns retail gift & gallery location for my art and jewelry, I sold it to opt for a more creative location and moved to Trinity in a larger jewelry studio. There I create my designs for the wholesale market while operating a seasonal retail business. I now sell both internationally and my work is represented Coast to Coast in Canada in fine retail locations, museums and galleries.

What is your favourite part of running your business? 

Still after 18 years of crafting jewelry, if I'm not making; I'm thinking about my next designs. My studio sits in a little cove on the edge of the water. Each day brings new ideas and new inspiration for the growing collections. In addition to making and designing I get great energy and inspiration by attending various trade shows in Canada and the US and meeting other women entrepreneurs in my business. I think it is an integral part of owning a business to connect with like-minded people.

What inspires your work?

Many artists feel that you have to stick to a certain genre or style,  I believe in neither. I feel it is important to express yourself and to let creativity flow. Some days I like to work with texture and colour, others I like to play with just simply metals. I am inspired by all the things and people around me. I especially like to work in labradorite as it is truly a stone of magic and our provincial stone. However my designs vary widely from colourful and contemporary to simple and stylish. I believe that for this reason my designs appeal to a wider audience.

Why is supporting other women through your business important to you?

I've always been an advocate of supporting like minded women in business. I think it is important to inspire each other; to help share information & knowledge. It is important to network with other entrepreneurs. I believe we must have a mutual respect for each other rather than competing with each other, and that is so important in nurturing our drive for success. I believe if we have knowledge to share It is our responsibility to pay it forward to help propel women entrepreneurs.

What advice do you have for other makers who are looking to start their own business? 

If you don't go to bed at night & and wake up in the morning truly desiring to be an entrepreneur and have a compelling original idea for your business, you are not ready. 
Passion is essential but it is just an emotion & if it is not acted upon then it reveals no results. An entrepreneur must be determined & be willing to leave their comfort zone to enter the world of entrepreneurship. It's scary but it can be most rewarding thing you've ever experienced in your life if you truly believe you have what it takes to be a woman entrepreneur. I left a very successful nursing/sales career to become an entrepreneur and I've never looked back as it has been one of the most gratifying & fulfilling moves I have ever made.
Being an entrepreneur also means living by moral standard. Have your own original idea and be true to yourself and others in what it is you do. Just remember no one becomes successful on their own, there's always someone to help you. Accept advice graciously. What you do with it is up to you, but be sure to thank those who give it.
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