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Kim & Katie’s Holiday Gift Guide for Good 2022

Posted by Katie Thompson on
Kim & Katie’s Holiday Gift Guide for Good 2022

Can you believe it's that time of year once again? We know the holidays can be hectic for the majority of us so we want to help make the holidays as stress-free as possible. One way is by creating a list showing a few of our favorite things from companies that we love & want to support, whether they are local, planet-friendly, empower people or all of the above!


Gifts for Good gift guide by DIOSA


1. Slippers | 2. Books | 3. Earrings | 4. Dress | 5. Dog collar & leash | 
6. Bars & Bites | 7. Boob Bag | 8. Soap Dish | 9. Charcuterie board | 10. Blanket  | 11. Coat  | 12. Wall Hanging | 13. Hand Soap  | 14. Re-usable sealer bags  | 15. Phone case  | 16. Toque


Gifts for cozying up by the fire.

I don't know about you but Kim (Mom) and I love to cozy up next to a warm, crackling fire, especially up at the cabin! The image below isn't a picture of our family cabin but it sure does give us the same cozy vibes. 


We recommend you take a moment for yourself, away from all the hustle & bustle, to slip into your comfy clothes and a pair of these slippers from this B Corp company, Olukai. A portion of all proceeds directly supports their Ama Olukai Foundation, preserving their Hawaiian culture, land, ocean and communities.


Tapa Big Image - 2


Now, pour up your favorite hot drink to sip on and turn on some soothing music. Once you have the fire lit, snuggle up in this warm, eco-friendly blanket from MINI TIPI, a Canadian women-owned company. Our designer, Leanne, received one of their blankets last Christmas as a gift and wanted to add this to our gift list this year. "I use it almost everyday when I'm on the couch, cuddling my dog and watching a movie. It's so soft and easy to clean. I absolutely love it!"



You should be completely relaxed right about now and ready to immerse yourself in a great book and maybe even a glass of wine! Kim's favorite author, Isabel Allende, not only writes captivating stories but also devotes much of her time to human rights causes delivering life-changing care to hundreds of thousands of women and girls worldwide. Don't miss her inspiring Ted Talks here and here on how to live a more passionate life.


Photo from La Ninfa Eco article written by Francisco Javier Insa.


Gifts for hosting at home.

One of our most memorable family traditions, passed down over the years, was our Scavenger hunt competition! We divided ourselves into teams of four and given a long list of tasks to complete, for example, grabbing a menu from a restaurant, finding a black feather, and an unusual item of their choice. Each team had to return before a given time. The team with the most items checked off the list won $1,000,000 IF they had the winning lottery ticket!


Photo from Canadian Living Magazine, December 1, 1990 of Kim's parents.


When Kim hosted the hunt, she enjoyed listening to festive music while preparing trays of food for when the teams returned hungry. Wooden boards are Kim's favorite way to serve appetizers. She loves the charcuterie board made of 450 recycled chopsticks from Chop Value. "For any leftover food, I love using my reusable storage bags instead of zip-lock bags. They're easy to clean and easy to store in the fridge or freezer." I've already purchased gifts like this antibacterial, mold-resistant earth soap dish from The Net Zero company for family and friends to help others live a low waste lifestyle in order to preserve our environment."



When I invite guests over to my house, I absolutely must have my favorite hand soap in the bathroom. Is there anything better than a fresh scented hand soap that leaves your hands feeling luxuriously soft? I love local skincare company East Coast Glow's foaming soap mousse. Their natural wild ingredients bring the outdoors in. So refreshing!


Bathroom photo by Krista Wells.


Are you one of those people who feel pressured to spruce up your home when you know company is coming? Leanne knows that feeling very well! "Yeah, I have to admit, I like adding some new touches to my home. If I have anybody staying overnight, I normally buy fresh flowers, from my local flower shop, to place on the nightstand or hang freshly cut eucalyptus in the shower to give them a spa-like experience. I recently renovated my home and still need to hang things on my walls! I find myself hanging one new thing at a time when I know we're having people over. I recently hung this macrame woven wall hanging from Studio Nom in my entrance. It adds a nice texture to my wall."




Gifts for on the go.

Makenzie, our marketing coordinator, is always on the move. She is currently a student at MUN and is accustomed to walking 10,000 steps or more around campus. With cooler temperatures coming, she is prepared to conquer the cold with her favorite winter jacket from Ten Tree. Not only does this coat keep Makenzie warm, she feels good wearing it knowing she bought it from a another B Corp company that believes big change starts small. For every item purchased, they plant ten trees in an effort to regenerate ecosystems, capture carbon and provide jobs in communities around the globe.



You can't live through a Canadian winter without a warm hat. This rosewood colored knit toque from a local, women-owned shop called SALT is perfect for people who want to look good while taking part in outdoor winter activities such as walking, après ski, and snowshoeing. While your checking your app on your phone to see how far you've walked, you may have noticed you've forgotten to purchase a protector case. Leanne's go-to phone case is from Canadian company Pela. "I'm on my third Pela case now. I buy a new one every time I get a new phone. I love how soft it is and when I'm finished using it I can compost it."



All of us here at DIOSA are proud dog Moms and can't get through a team meeting without bringing up our pawsome pets. One of the benefits of working remotely is that we get to walk our dogs during our breaks. Have you seen these stylish, recycled dog collars and leashes from conscious company Wanderruff? Your dog will look good while doing good.




Don't forget nourishing snacks for your adventures. Stay fueled with these tasty bars & bites from Newfoundland company The Oat Company. These healthy goodies are made with natural ingredients free of refined sugar or sweeteners and will stuff easily into stockings. 



Gifts for a girl's night out.

Girls just want to have fun so let's dress up, drink champagne and have a ladies night we won't forget. Spending time with the girls is better than therapy am I right? We all need a flattering black dress. This classic bamboo black dress is perfect for this time of year with its high neckline, long sleeves and below the knee length. Not for you? No sweat. Melanie Jacqueline will make you a dress just the way you want it.



Accessorize with your very own Boob Bag from DIOSA made from sustainable eco-leather. A portion of the proceeds is donated to breast cancer research and awareness.



Keeping in the theme of shopping local, garnish yourself in polished jewelry from Elizabeth Burry Design. We particularly love these Riley earrings, they will go with just about anything.



Happy Gifting.

And there you have it! We hoped you enjoyed browsing our gift guide selections. Comment below if you have other great gift idea suggestions to help make shopping this season as stress-free as possible. Remember to shop slow, sustainably, and thoughtfully.



Enjoy the holiday season,

Kim & Katie

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