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How to work from home during Covid-19.

Posted by Christina Adams on
How to work from home during Covid-19. | DIOSA designs Inc.

Transitioning to working from home.

The world is an uncertain place right now, and most of us goddesses are experiencing serious upheaval in our day-to-day routines. Many of us fortunate enough to still be working are making a change that’s long been dubbed “the way of the future”: working by distance.

Kim & Jade, DIOSAs working from home

Pictured here: Kim & Jade, DIOSAs working from home.

But before we dive into the wonderful world that is remote work, it’s important to let you know that we at DIOSA hope you’re healthy and safe. If physical distancing is taxing on you and your mental health, please remember that you’re doing the right thing, and we’re all in this together.

Alright, so you’re making the transition to working remotely. Some of you may be excited by the prospect of a new flexible lifestyle while some of you may be nervous that your productivity is dependent on an office atmosphere. In either case, this transition will likely not be the easiest.

If you’re dependent on that morning commute to get you in the zone, or if staying in your pyjamas all day is hindering your productivity, you’re not alone. Parents have the added workload of tending to their children's needs and education. 

And on top of the shift to working from home, the daily news about this pandemic takes its mental toll which is not helping our productivity.

While making this transition, there will undoubtedly be days where you feel like you’ve got nothing done. Days where work simply seems unimportant in the grand scheme of things. What’s most important to remember though, is that this is okay.

It is okay not to feel your most constructive in the middle of a global pandemic; it is okay to feel jaded and unproductive. Go easy on yourself.

As a company that’s had the privilege of working remotely since its inception, the team over at DIOSA brainstormed tips and tricks we thought may prove helpful to you during this shift.

Pictured here: Leanne & Christina, DIOSAs working from home.

So without further ado, here’s our top list of ways to stay productive, healthy and sane while working from home:

Get ready for the day as if you’re headed for the office.


    We’ll admit, this can feel silly at first and the temptation to stay in your pj’s all day is strong. If you typically wear more formal clothing to work, we’re not saying you have to put on a pantsuit to sit at your living room table all day, but a little prep goes a long way. The most important aspect is to keep your morning routine the same as much as possible. Get up at the same time, brush your teeth after breakfast, make yourself feel presentable (even if that includes a sweater and leggings- we won’t tell) and prepare yourself to start work the same time you would as if you were headed to the office.

    Set up well-defined boundaries with other members of your household.


    This can be pretty tough if you have young children running around the house. But that makes it all the more important. If you’re able, set up "office hours" for yourself where your partner is responsible for primary childcare and then switch half way through the day. Ask that others in your house pretend as if you’re actually at the office when it's your turn to work. Leave play time to designated breaks! 

    Break up the day.


      Don’t worry about sitting at your desk for 8 hours straight. This one will perhaps feel like the biggest difference between a regular workspace and an at-home work place, but it’s really not. While it can feel like you spend the whole day straight at your desk when in an office, most people actually take impromptu breaks throughout the day.
      Watercooler chats, bathroom breaks that turn into an office yonder; we take more breaks than we think during the run of a day, so let it be the same at home. Don’t force yourself to sit for hours on end without getting up, having some social time, eating a snack and then refocusing yourself.
      Our CEO Kim likes to break up her tasks into half hour intervals to allow for a constant refresh of duties and a moment to stretch the legs and thereby avoiding the monotony and boredom that will throw you off your groove.

      Get fresh air.


      It can be difficult during this time to remember what a good burst of fresh air can do for you and your health. Even if most weekdays the only fresh air you get is on the way to/from the office, integrate this into your at-home routine. You’ll be surprised by just how much it can help you focus. Have your coffee while taking a walk around your neighbourhood, sit on the deck while you reflect on your day ahead. You’ll be surprised how these moments can eradicate any grogginess you may be feeling.

      Try and have fun with it.


      For many of us, this is a time riddled with uncertainty and it can be difficult to see the beauty in it all. This is an opportunity to try a style of work that may turn into quite the blessing. Look at it as your time to break free from the traditional 9-5 and open your horizons to an unconventional way of integrating work and life. Maybe you’ve constantly struggled to get that workout in by the time your day is over- so why not throw it into the middle of the day? This may just be the only time you can roll out your yoga mat and stretch next to your workstation with no judgement, enjoy it.

      Working remotely can be an amazing opportunity to balance your work and home life, but finding that balance can be a real struggle. It’s important that you give yourself some wiggle room while you navigate this new workplace landscape while juggling the madness in the world.

      Relax, breathe, you’ve got this! 


      How are you managing this transition? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter @DIOSAdesignsinc.


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