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Green is the new Black (Friday, that is)

Posted by Kim Hickman on
Green is the new Black (Friday, that is) | DIOSA designs Inc.

We're focusing on more sustainable products for the holiday season – will you join us in ditching Black Friday and celebrating Green Friday instead?

We’ve all heard of Black Friday – and while there are some amazing deals to be had, this shopping phenomena promotes mass consumerism which can lead to unwanted items piling up in landfills.

That’s why this year we are participating in 💚 GREEN FRIDAY. 💚

What is Green Friday?

The Green Friday movement comes from Buy Nothing Day, a day dedicated to ending mass consumerism around the holiday season. The first Buy Nothing Day was organized in Canada in 1992 ‘as a day for society to examine the issue of overconsumption’. 

Large corporations like Amazon, Walmart and other box stores contribute to millions of tons of waste. Producing ‘fast-fashion’ is a hugely carbon-intensive process with many items eventually ending up in a landfill. 

While Buy Nothing Day is a great concept, many people plan their household budgets with these deals in mind, not only for holiday gifts, but also for products they may need. Plus small businesses have come to rely on revenue generated by Black Friday traffic, which is why a move to Green Friday was important. 

Quality, built-to-last products, like our Maya Collection, help end the cycle of fast fashion. That’s a win for YOU + the environment! 

How we’re contributing to Green Friday

DIOSA is a company for good. Giving back is in our mandate and we’re committed to helping our planet and all the goddesses on it.

Our Maya Collection is durable, sustainable and made from vegan leather and recycled lining. Everything is made from high-quality materials. Higher quality here refers to products that last longer and are produced in a more sustainable way. 

We know those Black Friday deals are hard to resist, so we’re giving you the best of both worlds… the choice of picking up something that’s NOT throw-away fashion at a great price. 

We also aim to reduce waste in our packaging and deliveries. We use compostable mailers from Noissue and have minimal disposable packing in our orders. 

In order to reduce waste, we’ve created a beautiful protector bag for your Maya backpack that can double as a reusable bag. 

Ways you can contribute to Green Friday

Opt for quality over quantity.

Ask yourself what your friend or family member really needs. Can you splurge to buy them something that will last a little longer? 

Give yourself plenty of extra time to shop this holiday season.

Businesses are already under extreme delays due to COVID-19. To show your support to small and local businesses, shop early!

Research the brands you are supporting!

Do they offer eco-friendly delivery options? Are they using sustainable materials in their production? Pick brands that align with your values to make the most out of your holiday shopping.

Not just Friday...

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made so far but we know there’s still much to do. 

We’re ready to climb this mountain together! 

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