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DIOSA’s Top 5 Travel Tips For Long Weekend Getaways

Posted by Katie Thompson on
DIOSA’s Top 5 Travel Tips For Long Weekend Getaways

Itching to pack your bags and go on a long weekend getaway?

While it may seem daunting at first to navigate travel, there are ways to make your escape easier on yourself. We pulled together some of our travel hacks to help you get rolling. Regardless of where you're headed, take a peek at our top 5 travel tips for your next long weekend getaway!

1) Make a List 

The first thing on our list is to make a list! Ask yourself what needs to be done, what’s coming along on your travels, and what activities do you need to book in advance?

Oftentimes, short trips require more packing and preparation than anticipated. Making a simple list of everything you need not only makes sure you have everything packed but also makes sure you take everything back with you and nothing gets forgotten!

So go ahead… take a quick snap 📸 of your travel/packing list, it may come in handy when gearing up to return home. 

Close up of a feminine hand holding a pen, writing in a journal. A coffee cup sits on the desk.

2) Bring a Drawstring Bag or Reusable Bag

Drawstring bags have so many great uses when traveling. They can be used to keep your dirty laundry separate from your clean clothes, or for carrying along that extra pair of shoes you were debating on taking.

Did you know? Maya comes with a drawstring bag so you can keep your separates, well... separate. 

“It’s like the swiss army knife of bags” - En Route Magazine referring to the Maya Backpack.

Extra tip: roll your clothes instead of stacking so you can comfortably fit more and keep them wrinkle-free! 

Maya backpack front compartment opened all the way to show a pair of shoes in a drawstring shoe bag.

3) Download Movies or Podcasts

No wifi? No problem. Download your favourite movie or podcast ahead of time. Now is also a great time to download all the apps you may need!

Waiting for a train, plane, or ferry? You've got your entertainment covered – grab your laptop from Maya’s padded laptop sleeve and throw on a family favourite!

Laptop open on a picnic table.

4) Get Charged Up!

Now that you have your entertainment at-hand, don't get caught without power. A portable charger is all you need to keep your podcast playing, your maps navigating, and your camera ready.

Nimble portable chargers are one of our favourite travel must-haves! It's eco-friendly and easy to carry.

Psst… A friendly reminder to make sure your portable charger is fully charged before you go!

A feminine hand holding a smart phone with a Nimble Champ Lite portable charger against a stone background.

5) Take a Smaller Bag 

Take a mini bag or crossbody bag that has room for all your daily essentials! This bag can be a great way to have easy-access to your phone, traveling documents, hand sanitizer, and anything else you may need while out and about. 

Close up of a woman carrying the Maya Crossbody Purse with the charcoal side showing and the cashmere cream side on the side facing her body.

Katie & Kim's Bonus Tips:

Pack for the Weather and Activity

It’s raining smart choices! Pack light but be prepared for your weekend trip and the weather that comes along with it. Planning to spend time outdoors but it’s raining this weekend? Take along your favourite raincoat!
Planning your outfits ahead of time can not only ensure you’re prepared for the weather but can also help you pack light and only take the necessities.

We love the Mernini Raincoat for wet-weather activities. 

A dark haired caucasian woman faces the camera wearing a grey Mernini Raincoat and a Charcoal Maya Mini on her back.

"The one shoulder strap carry style on the Maya Backpack is great for lighter things in the bag. Once I stuff it full with my laptop, cords, shoes, clothes, cosmetic case, and a weekend full of essentials…(maybe a bottle of wine 😉) it's time to use both straps to spare my back." ~ Kim

"I wear the Maya Crossbody bag with the strap tight against my body for easy access to my phone, hand sanitizer and any travelling documents I need. Everything else goes in my Maya. Going through security is a breeze as I can open the back compartment completely to slip out my laptop quickly and easily.’" ~Katie


What tips do you have for traveling? We'd love to hear from you and also see where you're going. Tag us @diosadesignsinc #mayaonthemap to share your adventures with us. 

Break out the travel gear, pack your bags and head off on your next adventure with these tips in mind! 


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