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Scratch what you’ve been told all these years: Beauty is NOT pain.

Posted by Kim Hickman on
A laptop backpack that’s kind to your body and actually fits your life! | DIOSA designs Inc.

Yup, it exists.

Do you hunch forward at your awkwardly setup desk? Look down at your phone a little more than you care to admit? Do you start your day by throwing a laptop in your barely big-enough backpack or slipping on a pair of heels? 

Let’s talk ergonomics. 

Why, you ask?

Well, all of those common actions mentioned above reference ergonomics (or more specifically, a lack thereof). It's pretty clear why ergonomics play an important role in leading healthy lives – and choosing an ergonomically friendly lifestyle has never been easier with specifically designed workstations, household furniture, and even mens wear (I mean, c’mon, look at the support in their shoes!).

However, what has been left out of this equation? Women's fashion. 

Okay, so you may have heard the term before, but what is ergonomics really? Well, if you ask the International Ergonomics Association, they’ll give you some lengthy definition about scientific disciplines, human factors and elemental interactions. But, it’s really just how to most efficiently and safely use our day-to-day necessities, and it’s actually quite critical to how we live our lives.

Think about your typical workwear for a moment; what does it look like? Perhaps you slip on a form fitting pantsuit or dress, a sleek pair of pointed-toe heels and throw a purse over your shoulder on your way out the door. Or maybe you’re a little more casual, rocking flats and a satchel. Well, as it turns out, both of those alternatives kind of suck in terms of ergonomics (though we’re sure you look amazing). The truth is, even a poorly fitting bra refers to ergonomics and can result in bodily pain.  

Let’s discuss, shall we?

  • High heels put too much pressure on the front of the foot, causing imbalance in pressure and a strain on your joints.
  • Flats have poor support and no shock absorbance, placing more pressure on your lower back discs.
  • Tight-fitting clothes can negatively impact your posture.
  • Handbags place pressure on only one side of your body, leading to shoulder, neck and back pain and even possible spine curvature in prolonged cases.
  • Handbags also tend to collect junk (*ahem* refer to blog post one *ahem*), and more junk = more weight. Over-bearing your shoulders day in and day out is simply not good for you. 

We’re not telling you to hang up your favourite pair of shoes, or trash your most loved outfits; we simply believe it’s important for women to be educated, and thereby empowered, by their fashion choices. And just maybe, if we begin to inform ourselves on ergonomically friendly fashion for women, the fashion industry will learn to place your health and your body above all else.

While the team over at DIOSA may not solve all the fashion ergonomic issues facing women, we like to think we’re making a step in the right direction by aiming to design our bag to work with women’s bodies, and not against them. This means more proportionately placed straps, optimizing weight distribution, and dimensions shaped for female figures. Your bag should not only look good, but feel good as well.

We want to lead the change towards an industry of happy, but most importantly, healthy shopping decisions.  

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