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10 Ways To Get Back At It

Posted by DIOSA Dev on
10 Ways To Get Back At It

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Summer is nearing its end, you're getting back from your bucket list vacation and trips to the cabin, and it's time to get geared up to return to work or classes. 

With that being said, everyone has their different thoughts on ‘getting back at it’. Maybe you’re excited, prepared, ready to take it on! Or maybe you feel anxious, exhausted, and unmotivated. I mean, not all of us are born with extraordinary ‘workaholic’ genes (but that would be nice, wouldn’t it). And trust us when we say, we feel you. We really do.

Getting back at it is always easier said than done so we created a list of 10 tips to help you get back at it!

TIP 1 - Start your day off right.

Don’t let everyday be a ‘Monday’. Before heading off for a day at work or a day packed with classes, consider creating a morning routine that incorporates something that makes you feel good. Whether that is reading a chapter of your favorite book, taking your doggo on a walk, or making that aesthetically pleasing breakfast to post on your Instagram. 

TIP 2 - Pack your carry-all bag the night before.

Finding yourself always rushing your way out the door and forgetting something? Yep, we’ve been there…  and we’re suggesting you pack your bag the night before! Take that extra 15 minutes before you go to bed and gather all of your belongings like your textbooks, work files, laptop and tech accessories and put them in your bag so  you’re ready to go the next day. 

And of course, you’ll need to invest in a bag that can carry it all like our Maya Noche Backpack!

TIP 3 - Working or studying at home? Set up an established work or study space.

When doing your daily tasks at home it's easy to just prop up your laptop and work from anywhere around the house. As a remote team, we can say that creating an established work or study space to stay organized and keep your work/school life separate from your personal life is key.  

Clear out that space, declutter and organize! This is also a great way to give yourself that clean slate both physically and mentally.

TIP 4 - Prepare lunches.

If you love spending that extra 10 minutes in the morning relaxing in bed, preparing your lunches in the evenings or on the weekends, ahead of time is great. It can be quick, easy, inexpensive and can save you time in your busy morning not having to worry about it. (Psst… If you’re doing this for the whole family, make sure you grab the right lunch before you head out the door!)

TIP 5 - Practice self-care and decompress.

Let’s practice together… breathe in… and breathe out.



We’re all getting back into work mode or maybe some of us are getting back into countless hours of studying. Deadlines will start approaching and overtime is being punched in but don’t forget to take time just for yourself and to decompress. 

Break time! It's important, really.

Find stress-free ways to get away from work. 

I mean, I love my job — I really do. But there are times when you just need a break from everything. Run that bath, grab a glass of wine, and say cheers to you simply because you’re a rockstar and you deserve it. 

TIP 6 - Get charged up and stay hydrated.

Before those early mornings come, make sure you get all charged up. Charge your laptop, phone, and your Nimble Portable Charger to keep your tech necessities powered all day long.  

Don’t forget to get a good night's sleep, stay hydrated, and recharge yourself too!

TIP 7 - Get a bag that works for any occasion!

Before designing our Maya OG Travel Backpack, we felt that there wasn’t a perfect women’s backpack out there that could really  fit any occasion. Designed with versatility in mind, Maya’s here to help you do it all! 

Wear Maya as a backpack on the way to grab your much needed morning coffee and transform Maya into a messenger style bag when heading to that first meeting of the day for a sleek and professional look. 

Traveling abroad for school? Get a bag that makes straight A’s for your travels, studies, and your time spent exploring.

TIP 8 - Plan and Keep up with your planner. 

It’s planning season and time to get back at it.

Let’s face it, we all have busy schedules and between picking up the little one at practice, restocking the groceries, or finishing that assignment that is due at midnight, we need to plan!

Now, some people are total naturals when it comes to planning but it really just comes down to finding what works for you when planning and sticking to it.

University and college students, this ones for you… Repeat after me - ‘I will keep up with my planner and continue to push past the point of the fancy writing in six different coloured pens.’

TIP 9 - Pick out your outfits the night before.

This tip alone will earn you all of  those participation points.

Check the weather for tomorrow, pick out your outfit, and decide which bag you’re taking ahead of time so you aren’t left feeling like this at 7am. 👇

TIP 10 - Find or write some affirmations or quotes to remind yourself why you want or need to be doing something.

Getting back in the groove of a routine  is always a challenge but there’s plenty of ways to get ready to get back at it! Have any other ideas? Share your ‘back at it’ tips with us on social media! 

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