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Be Proud

Help us raise funds for Camp Rainbow during Pride Month.

Maya is more than a backpack.

Versatile. Stylish. Ethical.

Maya transforms to carry you confidently through every situation.

For each Maya backpack sold, 8 water bottles are recycled + a Guatemalan woman can feed her family 2 meals. 

YOU+ Equality

We're striving for a world where every woman and girl has access to economic prosperity and financial independence. Now that's empowerment.

YOU+ Change

We are devoted to lightening the load for a better globe and its citizens through down-to-earth, sustainable fashion.

YOU+ Progress

Our products attempt to solve problems unique to your bodies and lives. You get a say in the design process to ensure we address your needs.

The Kind Words of Others

Thanks for the opportunity to be an early buyer - I absolutely want one of these beautiful backpacks. 

I'm surrounded by strong women in my life and nothing says 'I support you' like a DIOSA original!

As one woman trying to make it in the world to another trying to make it in the world, good luck!